We spent over one year researching, consulting health professionals, and formulating the perfect recipes. Our founder, Jessica, has always wanted to invite others to the truth that “healthy” can taste good, too.

**We never add sugar/preservatives. 100% vegan.**



The Fix

This is The Perfect Drink for When You’re Feeling Under the Weather. The Fix Promotes immunity and Encourages Anti-inflammatory and Antihistamine Responses in Your Body.


Therapy Juice

De-stress with this Mood Lifter. This Juice Promotes Concentration and Energy, Promotes Good Digestion and Encourages Healthy Sleep Cycles.


Daily Juice

This is Your Daily Dose of Good Stuff for the Day. Daily Juice Promotes Good Skin, Good Vision, A Healthy Heart, Vitality, and A Thriving Gut.


Brain Juice

This Brainy Juice Encourages Memory Retention, Optimal Brain Performance, and Promotes Hair Growth and a Healthy Central Nervous System.


Nutter Bowl


The Happy Bowl


The Gym Rat Bowl


Disclaimer: While the ingredients we use have shown extensive research to improve health and promote the benefits we list, Body Juice does not guarantee these benefits to anyone, nor do we claim to be medical professionals or experts. If you are concerned about taking our juices, please consult your doctor.